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Is Corona the biggest health crisis facing the UK today?
On 31st December 2019 a new virus was reported by Chinese authorities after a spike in Pneumonia cases broke out in Wuhan city. The cause, a new and deadly strain of SARS known to us all as Corona. Continue reading
DIY Home Abortions - What is the Government Thinking!
The government has u-turned yet again under pressure from abortion providers using the Coronavirus crisis to legalise medical abortions at home with NO medical supervision! It is a fact that medical abortions have a fourfold increase in complications compared with surgical abortions so putting women using Tele-med abortions at home at even greater risk: Continue reading
CORONA > ABORTION ? Questioning Covid (Part 1)
Original article can be found on the Brephos website What would it look like if we responded as decisively to all of God’s priorities as we do to government guidelines? What if the things that bothered him most bothered us most? What if God’s word drove our behaviours more than the cultural currents that surround us – or whatever we had planned for this Sunday? Continue reading
Why is a Ban on an Anti-abortion Protester Such a Big Deal for Free Speech?
If I were to tell you of a place where you could be banned for challenging the authorities, where would you think of? Yemen, Burundi, Turkey, Iran? Well why don’t you add Walthamstow to your list! Continue reading
Pro-life Campaigner to Appeal Injunction After MP Attempts to Criminalise Criticism
NEWS RELEASE Issued by: Christian Legal Centre Hearing details From 09:45 – WED 26 FEB – THU 27 FEBSTRATFORD MAGISTRATES COURT Continue reading
ELECTION 2019: What to ask your Candidate
(updated 4th December 2019) We are nonpartisan when it comes to party politics and cannot advise on which party you should vote for. Whether you vote tactically to limit harm or vote according to conscience is a choice that you will have to make, but please make sure it is well informed. Let’s look at where the main political parties stand on abortion and what kind of questions pro-lifers can be asking their local candidates in the lead up to this election. Continue reading
Footage Released: Police Arrest and Carry off Disabled Man for Praying in Public
First case in modern times of arrest and prosecution for praying sees charges dropped Christian Hacking who was arrested and prosecuted for peacefully praying outside an abortion clinic in London has had the charges against him dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service because the officers illegally failed to caution him before they arrested him. Continue reading
Unbelievable Reactions to Seeing Abortion for the First Time
CBR UK asked members of the public what they thought about abortion. After hearing their responses they showed them a 1 minute video of what abortion looks like from 10 to 24 weeks. Visit abortionreality.com to see what they saw.
Stella's Reaction Says It All: The Pictures Work
Original article can be found on the Brephos website "What are we doing that bothers you?" This question is put to prisoners of war to find out which activities are actually being effective. For those whose concern is winning the war, the question is not, "What are we doing that folks back home will understand and appreciate?" The question is not, "What are we doing that those funding us are into?" The question is not, "What are we doing that doesn't provoke too much of a backlash, so that we can live peaceably enough alongside those on the other side - since we can never win anyway?" The question is: "What are we doing that bothers you?" Continue reading