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Train Advocates

In order to reach further into society with the facts and information about who the unborn child is and the reality of abortion, we need to train others to be able to speak out effectively, accurately and confidently on this issue.


Online Training Course

We offer an online training course which is designed to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to become a pro-life educator and ambassador for the unborn child.

The course is split into three different levels of training, each level consists of three or four sessions covering different topics. The levels have been designed to be taken in order.

Course Outline:

  • Level One - Essential for those who want to be equipped to educate (four sessions of 1 hour)
  • Level Two - For those wanting to take on a leadership role within our Public Education Display program (three sessions of 1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Level Three - For more in-depth training to equip those wanting to be able to give presentations and help fundraise to support the work of CBR UK (three sessions of 1 hour)

After each session there is a live Q & A.

For more information or to register interest please contact us.

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Online Raising Awareness Presentation

We also offer a one-off online presentation "Abortion: Choice, Necessity or Human Rights Violation?" where you can learn more about the issue of abortion and the humanity of the unborn child. The presentation explores different viewpoints, scientific facts, the History of Social Reform and much more.


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Every eighteen months we host a large conference. This conference is designed to raise up ambassadors for the unborn child, to motivate into action those who feel ineffective and unequipped to deal with this issue.

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At The Clarkson Academy you will be trained to defend the humanity of the unborn child.


Rather than dwelling on the problem of abortion, we focus on how to end abortion using successful strategy derived from past social reform movements.


We share how applying these lessons is already changing minds and saving lives.

If you want to know when registration is open for the next Clarkson Academy please contact us.

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