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Train Advocates

In order to reach further into society with the facts and information about who the unborn child is and the reality of abortion, we need to train others to be able to speak out effectively, accurately and confidently on this issue. 

Online Training Course Overview

Our new online training courses will launch in Spring 2020 and are designed to help you to engage with different areas of pro-life activism.

Equipped to Educate (3 Sessions)

Essential for those who want to become articulate ambassadors for the unborn. Learn how to make the simple case for life, answer an abortion advocate, give advice and support to those who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy or those who have gone through abortion.

Team Building (3 Sessions)

For those who want to build a team of educators and regularly engage the public with CBR UK's educational displays.

Presentation Training (2 Sessions)

Provides the training needed to organise and deliver CBR UK presentations in both small and large group settings. Helping to inspire, equip and activate people to defend the rights of the unborn child.

Online Raising Awareness Presentation

We also offer a one-off online presentation "Abortion: Choice, Necessity or Injustice?" where you can learn more about the issue of abortion and the humanity of the unborn child. The presentation explores different viewpoints, scientific facts, the History of Social Reform and much more.

To register for the next online webinar please follow the link below.


For more information on any of the training courses or webinar presentation please go to our Train With Us page.


The Clarkson Academy logo

The first Clarkson Academy conference took place in London in 2012. Since then we have held six Clarkson Academy conferences and have trained and equipped many people to be more effective ambassadors for the unborn child.

The Clarkson Academy has given rise to many advocates and Display Team Leaders confident and active in defending the human rights of the unborn child. 

You can read more about the history of the academy here.

The last Clarkson Academy conference, It's Time to Level Up, was held in October 2019. To be informed of all our training programmes, including our conferences, please visit our Train With Us page.