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You may be feeling a mix of emotions - shocked, overwhelmed, excited, afraid.....

Don’t even know what you really think? No one to talk to? We encourage you not to rush into any big decision but find support and get informed. Perhaps even in a few days you will be over the initial shock and feel differently.

No matter how you are feeling and however difficult the circumstances might be, we want to congratulate you on the gift of new life growing in your womb. Click here to see the reality of your baby now.

Get Informed

We respect you as a person created in God’s image - your life matters and you deserve the facts.

As well as being fully and accurately informed about your baby, we would encourage you to be informed on the facts about “abortion” as there can be a real temptation or pressure in many parts of the world to "end your pregnancy". This will be an irreversible decision. Click here to see what "termination"' or "ending your pregnancy" actually is.

Many women who have gone through "abortion" say “why did nobody warn me!” They want you to hear a voice of hope for you and your baby.

Get Support

Need pregnancy help now?

Option Line is an international service available 24/7. Real help for real lives wherever you live.

Need practical support?

For your nearest Baby Basics UK please click here. Showing the love of God by supplying essentials & equipment for new mums & families who are unable to provide these items for themselves.

We care about you as a whole person and believe the God who created you cares even more. Please watch this short true story of a woman who was about to have an “abortion”.

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