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Pregnancy Help

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden". Matthew 5:14

What is 'HOPE'?

'HOPE' is a new project of CBR UK. It is a Gospel centred, missional, pro-life model of pregnancy centre support. It brings truth and grace to those in a difficult pregnancy situation, a lighthouse to share hope in Christ, offering support and advice.

What is the Vision?

Every woman and man in a difficult pregnancy situation receiving an opportunity to respond to the hope of the Gospel, accurate information about abortion and life affirming help with their baby.

To establish HOPE Pregnancy Online - a missional network of pregnancy support that expands through a HOPE Pregnancy Help-line, and HOPE Pregnancy Centres, as the Church in the UK is awakened to be a voice for the unborn child in crisis. Offering compassionate, life affirming support to women, shaped by truth, grace and hope.

Let's do 'HOPE' Together

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