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The death of Sarah Dunn - Why has the abortion industry got off scot free?
The inquest into the tragic death of Sarah Dunn, who died in April last year from sepsis following a “medical termination” four weeks earlier, ended this week. Of all the reporting I have read, all the blame fell on everyone other than those who were most ultimately responsible; the abortion industry.  Continue reading
Is Abortion a Genocide?
Abortion dismembers, starves to death and crushes the skulls of around 885 babies in the womb every working day in the UK. In 2020, in Great Britain, 224,675 babies were killed brutally in the wombi. The World Health Organisation estimates that between 2015 and 2019, on average, 73.3 million abortions occurred worldwide each yearii. There is an entire industry built on this destruction of human life which has a vested interest in killing unwanted pre-born babies by abortion. In 2010, taxpayers spent £118m on abortion in England,iii and in 2019, a leading abortion provider received £55 million from UK taxpayers to support the promotion and provision of abortion on-demand overseasiv. This human rights abuse is both allowed and perpetrated by our government with tax-payer money. What exactly is a genocide? Continue reading
Freedom Riders
Freedom Riders (2010) chronicles the struggle for racial equality in the American interstate transport system during an era of segregation. Groups of black and white civil rights activists took bus trips through the American South in 1961 to protest segregated bus terminals which the previous year were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Continue reading
Shooting ourselves in the womb - Why abortion is a far greater catastrophe than anyone realises
At the start of lockdown some experts speculated that the enforced quarantining of the healthy may lead to a boom in covid babies, however, a year later the opposite has occurred with experts warning of record lows in birth rates during this period. It would appear hesitation rather than copulation has won the day.  This article examines why this is such a big deal and what it has to do with abortion. Continue reading
Why an obscure and mysterious anti abortion billboard in Fulham is really a stroke of genius!
*correction: since this article was published, I have been informed that although Miss Tudor's crowdfunding page has closed, her legal case is in fact ongoing. Last Tuesday a billboard was erected in Fulham, West London posing the following question upon a lavender background: “Late term abortion without Fetal Pain Killer? You may have a claim for clinical negligence” with details to the following website. Continue reading
Freedom March Display NEWS RELEASE
This Saturday tens of thousands will march for Freedom from Government lockdowns and other issues.  UK human rights group, Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK (CBR UK), will be holding a Public Education display at the event highlighting two Government policies that disregard the most vulnerable lives.  The two campaigns will be spread across seven 2m by 2m large banners. One display will graphically show the reality and dangers of DIY home abortions which were approved by Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. The second display will clarify the facts on the use of aborted fetal cells in the production of the Covid-19 vaccines. Continue reading
Abortion / vaccine display outside church with vaccine pop-up clinic this Sunday
The Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK (CBR UK) will be taking their large, visual, public education display outside the mega church Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in Chatham, Kent. The purpose is to inform on the use of the aborted fetal cell line used in the production of the Covid-19 vaccines. KICC is having its second pop-up vaccine clinic in between the two morning services, in support of the church’s “vow to tackle low Covid-19 vaccine uptake in BAME community”. Continue reading
Why are we taking our abortion-vaccine display outside KICC this Sunday?
Original article on Brephos.org website …we have taken the decision to bring a large public education display to educate attendees of your church and anyone else in the vicinity (particularly those seeking vaccination at the pop-up at your church) on…the connection between abortion and the vaccines they are considering receiving. We will be doing this on Sunday 27 June… Continue reading
What is really going on behind the so called Abortion Pill Reversal “controversy”?
You may have come across headlines over recent weeks describing UK based doctors under investigation for prescribing “unproven and experimental” treatments to stop the effects of medical abortion drugs. Continue reading