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DIY Home Abortions

DIY Home Abortions

Initially introduced as a temporary emergency measure during COVID, the Government later conducted a public consultation. Despite 70% of respondents (18,000 in total) urging it to “end immediately”, Parliament ignored this and voted to make them permanent. Monthly consequences include: 550 women needing hospital treatment 250 women requiring surgery to remove baby or placenta remains  22 women treated for haemorrhage The tragic deaths of 9,400 babies This is a public health emergency. Continue reading
Did you know...

Did you know...

Did you know how developed a child is at 8 weeks from fertilisation?  Many women and men don’t know just how human, unique and valuable their child in the womb really is. Continue reading
Don't Forget Johanna
How did Johanna become a part of Covid vaccine production? In 1972 Johanna* was delivered in the Netherlands. She would go on to play a pivotal role in the production of all three Covid-19 vaccines available in the UK. Many others were in line for her position, but Johanna was the successful one. Molecular biologist, Dr Van der Eb was largely responsible for Johanna becoming involved in vaccine production. Dr Frank Graham also took great interest in developing what Johanna had to offer. We must not forget the sacrifice that Johanna’s parents made. All of whom ensured that Johanna was part of the efforts to roll out the current vaccines across the UK. Continue reading
Hancock's Healthcare Campaign
A healthcare plan rushed through Parliament in 2020 by Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 46,0001 children, and serious health implications for thousands of women. Justified by Government orders to “Stay at home, Protect the NHS and Save lives”, these dangerous measures have achieved the total opposite. So what is Hancock's harmful healthcare and why is it so dangerous to women and children? Read on to find out. 123,000 DIY home abortions took place from April to June 2020. This figure is estimated to be the same for the next three months, July to September Continue reading
Stop Stella

#StopStella Campaign

The #StopStella Campaign is calling upon Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, to stop promoting human rights abuses of children in the womb. We expose what this MP is doing and share how you can act to #StopStella Continue reading