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Public Education

There is a lack of knowledge in society about the facts of abortion and what the embryo or fetus is. We use images, science and statistics to educate on the issue.

Our images show the humanity of the unborn child and the effects of the abortion procedure on the child.

Presenting facts allows individuals to reach their own conclusions about abortion.


An effective way to reach the masses with the facts, is to take the images on large banners, out into the public square. One look at the images is enough to inform someone's opinion on whether abortion is a human right or a human rights violation.

“We don’t protest abortion, but when we hold up an image of an aborted fetus, abortion protests itself”. Gregg Cunningham, CBR (US).

On the displays, we distribute leaflets showing the stages of development of the unborn child, the reality of abortion and statistics. We engage willing passersby with the question “What do you think about abortion?

We have CBR UK teams running Public Education Displays in multiple cities in the UK. To find out if there is a Display Team near you, you can Join the Movement by clicking the button below:

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Presentation - "How to end Abortion"

Aisling Goodison explains the current situation of abortion in the UK, she explains how social reformers like William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King ended the injustices of their time and teaches how to apply those principles to ending abortion today. 

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Public Speaking

We have a team of highly trained communicators who can speak, debate or present on this issue at your event. We can tailor the content according to the audience, and have previously spoken at:

  • community events
  • conferences
  • universities and colleges
  • youth clubs
  • churches
  • marches and rallies
  • in the media

To invite a speaker or find out more, click button below:

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We are constantly testing our methods of communication for effectiveness. We are conducting a survey to test what influences individual’s views about abortion. The results will be published on our website soon.