CBR UK is an organisation made up of like minded people who want to challenge how society views abortion.

Abortion continues because there is a suppression of information about what happens in the actual procedure and a limited knowledge and understanding of the development of the unborn child.

Learning from the history of social reform in the use of images to change the way society views a certain issue, we use images to show the facts about abortion and to show the public the humanity and development of the unborn child. This method is unique to CBR UK in this country. We challenge public opinion on one of the most controversial issues of our day.

We educate society on a large scale through our Public Education Displays. We focus on education, rather than protest or campaigning as the images speak for themselves. These images help us engage in dialogue with members of the public, very often talking through what they see in a logical, scientific manner brings them to a very different conclusion on the subject of abortion and the unborn child.

On a smaller scale we educate through presentations in various group settings. Our Brephos project is successfully reaching out to churches and church leaders, equipping them to speak out for the unborn child.

For schools and educational establishments we offer our new Progressive Education material.

There is a need for many more advocates in this work so we offer a comprehensive training programme which advances the knowledge and skills of those who want to join us.  

The Clarkson Academy is run every eighteen months, an event which aims to equip and train attendees to defend the humanity of the unborn child, envision them by teaching on the history of social reform and the effectiveness of the strategy derived from past social reform movements.

We recognise and acknowledge that abortion not only ends the life of a living human being, but it also effects the lives of others involved; the mother, the father, siblings and wider family.  We encourage people to speak out about their experience. PASE offers a programme called The Recovery Course which supports and provides an outlet to explore and understand how abortion has affected those who have been involved in it.

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