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Brephos is our project equipping churches to speak out for the unborn child. Led by former Church Community Minister Dave Brennan, we provide training and resources for church leaders. You can watch example sermons on abortion, book a speaker and much more by visiting the Brephos website.

“Brephos” means “infant” or “baby”, and is a Greek word used in The New Testament for babies whether in the womb (unborn) or out of the womb (born). Highlighting the continuity of life.

Life Affirmation: A Christian Response to Abortion

The Life Affirmation has been drafted by a group of Christians, from a range of churchmanships, whose desire is to serve the Church by providing a clear position on this issue. For more information and to sign the Life Affirmation, click image above.

A Warning to the UK Church

Warning to UK Church

Most Christians in the UK still believe that “abortion” is sometimes morally justifiable. The UK Church has been called to repent over this in word and deed yet at large is not repenting.

Read: "A Warning to the UK Church" by Dave Brennan - essential reading for every Christian.