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For Schools and Young People

CBR UK offers teaching sessions and educational resources for young people in Primary and Secondary School. These sessions can be delivered by teaching staff or by a CBR UK speaker, free of charge. Abortion is often a compulsory subject in RES and PSHE. These sessions provide scientific and philosophical information on abortion to engage young people with this important subject.

For ages 2-7

We can recommend Noah and the Nestling, a heart-warming story aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 7 years. It tells the story of going above and beyond to save the life of a precious, tiny creature. It reminds us of our precious and vulnerable start in life and that all life is worth protecting. 

“This beautiful story helps those who want to teach children how precious early life is. Its approach encourages a view that however small a human life, it has huge value.”  

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of Christian Concern.

You can purchase Noah and the Nestling for your family, school, pre-school, local library or children’s ministry here: Noah and the Nestling

For Primary School

Recommended Years 5-7School Years 6 to 7

"You Are Amazing!"

Luke, presentation assistant

Our Primary School resource is a presentation and workbook titled “You are amazing!”. The children are led through the amazing world of human development and variation by our 11-year-old character, Luke. Teaching on the value and worth of each human being, from a biological and philosophical perspective.

"You Are Amazing" is suitable for year group assemblies, PSHE, Religious Studies, Science lessons and youth groups.

When you download the Resource Pack you will receive lesson plans, a workbook for the session and a PowerPoint presentation, beautifully designed to explore the variety and equality in which we are all made. It seeks to install personal value as well as value in every human being.

Resource Pack

For Secondary School

Recommended Years 10-11

School Years 10 to 11

"What Do You Think About Abortion?"

Our Secondary School resource is a presentation with lesson plans and provision for discussion time. The year 10-11 age group have strong opinions forming on the issue of abortion and may even have had personal experience with it.

Social media, mainstream media and personal relationships will have shaped their thoughts on abortion but not necessarily with accurate facts and clarity.  It is important that they be presented with information about the subject and be allowed to explore their thoughts and feelings in light of what they have just learnt.

This session is presented from a scientific and philosophical perspective allowing half the session to be given to class discussion and debate. This can be delivered by school staff or by a CBR UK presenter, free of charge. 

"What Do You Think About Abortion?" is suitable for PSHE, Religious Studies, Science lessons and youth groups. For access to the presentation resource pack here:

Resource Pack

Coming Soon

We are always seeking to improve our range of resources and to keep educators up to date with the latest information. If you download the resources pack, you will be sent new resources which will be available soon:

  • A comprehensive booklet on abortion history, law, procedures and statistics for School Years 10-13
  • A filmed version of the presentation for Years 10-11

If you feel passionately that young people should have these resources more readily available to them, please consider donating to support the production and distribution of these resources.