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Our Progressive Education project is aimed at working with the next generation to build a culture that values human life, at all stages.

We offer presentations and teaching sessions for school years 6 to 7 and for years 10 to 11. 

Years 6 to 7

You Are Amazing!


The children are lead through the amazing world of human development and variation by our 11-year-old presentation character, Luke. Teaching on the value and worth of each human being, from a biological and philosophical perspective. Also addressing relevant topics such as bullying.

You Are Amazing is suitable for year group assemblies, PSHE, Religious Studies, Science lessons and youth groups.

Years 10 to 11

What Do You Think About Abortion?

The Year 10-11 age group have strong opinions forming on the issue of abortion and may even have had personal experience with it. Social media, mainstream media and personal relationships will have shaped their thoughts on abortion but not necessarily with accurate facts and clarity.  It is important that they can be presented with information about the subject and be allowed to explore their thoughts and feelings in light of what they have learnt.

This 45 minute session is presented from a scientific and philosophical perspective allowing half the session to be given to class discussion and debate.

What Do You Think About Abortion? is suitable for PSHE, Religious Studies, Science lessons and youth groups.

For more information or to book Progressive Education for your class/group, please contact us.