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CORRECTION to The Sunday Times, Stella Creasy article
The article linked below included factual errors and false accusations about our work, which we are highlighting and correcting in this post. Stella Creasy: ‘When did we agree that motherhood had to be a struggle?’ by Rosamund Urwin was recently published in The Sunday Times on 16th January 2022. Whilst in the statements made by Stella Creasy we are not specifically named, we are the activists behind the campaign she refers to, and our billboard banner along with our brand name is printed directly in between these statements of defamation about our campaign in Creasy’s constituency. Continue reading
Should DIY home abortions remain?
Pauline Peachey from PASE (Post Abortion Support for Everyone) shares her views on this on Radio Times opposite Clare Murphy from Bpas.
#StopStella Campaign - CBR UK in the Media Update
CBR UK's #StopStella campaign continues to make the news, with Christian Hacking challenging a Community Protection Notice (CPN) issued by Waltham Forest Council. We will keep this page updated with the court case progress. Continue reading
SKY NEWS Abortion Debate with Ruth Rawlins
Ruth Rawlins debates Rachael Clarke from bpas (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) on the Kay Burley show on 27th February 2020, speaking out against false allegations of harassment and intimidation outside clinics.
#StopStella Campaign - CBR UK in the Media
CBR UK's #StopStella campaign has received a flood of media interest. Most articles reflect the mainstream media's bias towards supporting abortion and repeat the false allegations which Stella Creasy keeps repeating in the media. But they make for an interesting read nonetheless. 28th September 2019 Independent - Labour MP Stella Creasy ‘harassed and intimidated’ by anti-abortion activists The Guardian/Observer - Police called after Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion group 29th September 2019 iNews.co.uk - Anti-abortion group targets pregnant MP Stella Creasy with 'sickening' poster Metro - Pregnant MP targeted by anti-abortion campaigners with ‘sickening’ dead baby poster 30th September 2019 Sky News - Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion group in Walthamstow constituency BBC News - Anti-abortion posters targeting Stella Creasy to be pulled ITV News - Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion campaigners The Guardian - Ad agency apologises to Stella Creasy over foetus billboard campaign RT - Labour MP targeted by American anti-abortion group with graphic ‘Stop Stella’ billboard Daily Mail Online - Anti-abortion campaigners erect a giant 'Stop Stella' billboard featuring a nine-week old 'living foetus' in pregnant Labour MP Stella Creasy's constituency The Drum - Clear Channel removes anti-abortion ads following pressure from MPs The Sun - SHOCK TACTICS Anti-abortion campaigners erect billboard with graphic photo of ‘nine-week-old’ foetus in bid to force out Labour MP Stella Creasy iNews.co.uk - Anti-abortion billboard advert in Walthamstow removed after Stella Creasy said it 'harassed women' Belfast Telegraph - Labour MP Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion group after billboards featuring 'nine-week old' foetus' erected Campaign Live - Clear Channel to remove anti-abortion posters targeting MP Stella Creasy Sky Statement - Stella Creasy MP calls on Home Secretary Priti Patel to stop ‘harassment of women’ in Walthamstow 1st October 2019 The Times - Anti-abortion posters put up at home of pregnant MP Stella Creasy Spiked - Anti-abortion posters are not ‘harassment’ Christian Today - Pro-life group denies harassment of Stella Creasy after graphic billboard is pulled LifeSite News - Pregnant UK politician behind Northern Ireland abortion push furious over billboard of 9-week fetus 2nd October 2019 The New European - The 'Stop Stella' billboard shows how urgently we need reform in political advertising BBC News - Abortion: Protesters' campaign 'harassing' Labour MP Buzzfeed.news - The Protesters Who Targeted A Pregnant MP With Anti-Abortion Billboards Have Been Referred To The Taxman Huffington Post - John Bercow Blasts 'Vile' Anti-Abortion Billboards Aimed At Pregnant MP Stella Creasy Politicshome.com - John Bercow leads MPs in blasting ‘vile’ campaign against Stella Creasy over abortion stance 3rd October 2019 The Guardian - Council orders removal of anti-abortion poster targeting Stella Creasy 6th October 2019 Independent - Anti-abortion groups are ramping up their vile harassment tactics – and the government is letting them The Guardian/Observer - Police investigate ‘extremist’ targeting of Stella Creasy by anti-abortion group 8th October 2019 Grazia - Stella Creasy: I'm Labelled A 'Hypocrite' For Being Pregnant Catholic Herald - UK company apologizes for pro-life billboard aimed at local MP 11th October 2019 Unherd - Why is Stella Creasy shutting down debate? We will add to our media archive as new articles are published, so check back soon.
Stella Creasy on BBC Politics Live Continues her False Allegations Against CBR UK
MP Stella Creasy makes false allegations about CBR UK on BBC Politics Live, 4th October 2019. Claiming that the group are "connected to organisations around the world who have radicalised people to the point they’ve taken violence to people they disagree with." Stella Creasy also calls the 9-week living fetus image "graphic and it’s scientifically incorrect", claiming that "a baby at 9 weeks is like the size of a poppy seed, it’s tiny....I would listen to the professionals on these things!"  "Why is it graphic?" asks the Telegraph's Tim Stanley, referring to the anti-abortion poster in Stella Creasy's constituency, "the image of a foetus that was on the poster, is simply an image of a foetus".
London Council Officials Vandalise Pro-Life Display as Cops do Nothing
EXCLUSIVE Pro-abortion Member of Parliament Stella Creasy has praised council officials who vandalised a pro-life display while local police officers stood by refusing to intervene and halt the destruction of private property.  Waltham Forest Borough Council officials in East London surrounded Christian Hacking, a pro-lifer in a wheel chair, on Thursday morning in Walthamstow Town Centre.  The officials demanded that the pro-lifers remove banners showing a picture of local pro-abortion Member of Parliament (MP) Stella Creasy next to the image of a 24-week aborted foetus.  Continue reading
BBC London News - MP Stella Creasy Demands Billboards Come Down
Ruth speaks to BBC London News on why we are calling Stella Creasy to account using 9-week living fetus image on large billboard in her constituency.  Members of the public comment that it should have been left up, giving women a chance to see what a living fetus looks like before they chose abortion.
Ruth Rawlins on BBC Radio 4 Explains Why Stella Creasy is the First Target of Our New Campaign
Listen as Ruth explains on BBC Radio 4 Women's Hour, the reasoning behind targetting Stella Creasy MP of Walthamstow, in our new campaign.