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Aisling Goodison on LBC 09 June 2019
Listen as Aisling Goodison challenges abortionist Wendy Savage to describe what happens in a late term abortion. Speaking live on LBC, to comment on Jeremy Hunt's comments on the abortion limit. Continue reading
Ruth Rawlins defends graphic depictions of abortion outside clinics
Ruth Rawlins defends the graphic depiction of abortion outside clinics and says that some women change their minds once they see the images.
NBC News - Shows Abortion Victim Banners
  "There's one thing that both anti-abortion and abortion-rights activists agree on. A shift is underway in Europe..." - NBC News  Continue reading
Ruth Rawlins Rebuffs 'Buffer Zones' on London Live
Ruth Rawlins, CBR UK, debates Kerry Abel, Abortion Rights, on "buffer zones" outside abortion clinics and "freedom of speech".