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Has the UK Gov approved DIY abortion... or has the real fight just begun?

An opinion piece by Christian Hacking

A number of tweets and articles have been published in recent days suggesting that the Department of Health and Social Care has approved the killing of unborn babies at home, permanently. 

Last Wednesday the UK’s largest abortion provider tweeted that “the Government will not revoke permission for at home early medical abortion”. This was followed with an article in Refinery the same day stating:

“Today, the Government made an announcement that abortion campaigners have long hoped it would make. It will allow at home early medical abortion (also known as telemedicine) to continue.”

This was accompanied by a showreel of quotes from the usual suspects (Katherine O’Brian and Dame Diana Johnson) reasserting the claim.

But is this true? Has the Government really decided to keep these dangerous measures? And if not what can explain the supposed boldness of the abortion industry in asserting it has?

The facts:

As of the time of writing:

  • The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has made no official statement on the matter suggesting that no official decision has been made. (see for yourself
  • In an email correspondence with an enquirer seeking to clarify this issue, the DHSC has simply said: “We will keep the future of these provisions under review.”
  • Towards the end of January the abortion industry were expressing increasing concern on Twitter that medical abortions may be forced back into clinics, suggesting an internal debate was being had. 
  • The responses to a public consultation into the matter still have not been published, despite being closed for 11 months. 
  • The abortion industry and their inside lobbyists have been known to jump the gun on abortion decisions in the past (see below).
  • There has been a large turnover of Health Ministers since these measures were introduced. Pro-abortion Health Minsiter and MP Helen Whately have been replaced with the potentially pro-life (certainly less pro abortion) MP Maggie Throup, who according to a brief search on Twitter and Duck Duck Go, is a more traditional conservative, unashamed church goer and probable Catholic. 

So what is really going on?

I think what we are witnessing is one of the following four scenarios being played out as we speak. 

1. The measures have been approved  (UNLIKELY)

It could be that the abortion industry are telling the truth; that DIY abortion has been approved permanently and what we are witnessing now is simply an administrative lag as the Department of Health and Social Care write a statement.  While I cannot say for certain that this is not the case, I think it unwise to think this. Firstly, because no one, not even the abortion industry is using the word ‘permenant’. Secondly, even if they were using the word, the deceptive way in which the whole industry functions in order to conceal the industrial killing of babies, would give me pause to believe anything they say at face value. This said, I am sure there are half truths at play which I will explore below. 

2. Deliberate double bluffing (LIKELY)

While hard to prove, it is possible that the abortion industry are giving a deliberately false impression that concrete decisions have been made, in the hope that the support this garners will make it hard for a decision to be made against them in the future. This would be an uncharitable scenario had it not happened in the past, and worked. Scroll back far enough on social media to 23rd March 2020, and you will find evidence of when the abortion industry prematurely celebrated the introduction of DIY abortion. A day later Matt Hancock (then Health Secretary), denied any changes would be made to abortion provision. Six days after that, as if by unholy prophesy, the abortion industry’s desires were granted in full. 

3. A genuine misunderstanding (UNLIKELY)

On a more charitable note, it could be possible that a genuine misunderstanding has occurred. The Government who, from what Twitter suggests have been in talks with the abortion industry about returning to old ways of chemically killing babies, may already have agreed backstage to some extension of these measures, which the abortion industry is celebrating inaccurately. The time this affords them to staff up, something they have struggled with historically for obvious reasons, combined with the emotional relief, may have led to exaggerated statements being made.

4. A deliberate misunderstanding (LIKELY)

The reason why I think point 3 is unlikely is due to the carefulness with which they are communicating.  Instead of using the word ‘permanent’ they are simply saying these measures will “continue”. This suggests to me that whatever has triggered these bold statements and celebrations, is not exactly what it is being made out to be. Combine this with what appears to be a coordinated pile-on on Twitter from many pro-abortion groups who want the killing and flushing away of babies at home to be made permanent, (and for abortion to be decriminalised) and I smell a fish!

Having carefully examined pro-abortion tactics for over 5 years, I think it’s likely that the industry are using whatever backstage agreement has been made to manipulate public debate on the matter. Considering the way they already manipulate words to justify and conceal the killing and flushing away of babies, this would not be a change from ‘business as usual’. 

It is my opinion that the truth lies somewhere between point 2 and point 4.

What can you do about it?


Far from being a done deal, I suspect the Department of Health and Social Care are still agonising over a decision. This means there is no better time to write to your MP (if sympathetic) asking them to request that Sajid Javid and/or Maggie Throup, don’t make this permanent. 

Making contact
Find out who your MP is (complete with prolife search history)

If your MP is hostile to the pro-life cause, why not contact ministers directly:

Key points to hit:

Key questions to ask?

  • When has accessibility ever been placed over safety in medical ethics?
  • Do these measures truly serve women or are they in the best interests of the abortion industry?
  • When will responses from the public consultation on the matter be published?

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