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Diana Johnson: The Paradox
Diana Johnson is something of an enigma. Clearly, she cares for vulnerable people, yet has introduced a bill that would make the most vulnerable human beings: the unborn (and their mothers) even less protected than they are presently. Continue reading
United They Stand: Divided They Fall
"My Body, My Choice", "Keep your Rosaries Off My Ovaries", "Stop the War on Women's Rights", "I Trust Women". These are just a few of the popular statements emblazoned on the placards of those who demand the legal right to kill their own offspring but are these 'Pro-Choicers' really as united as they appear? Continue reading
Dirty Dancing's Deadly Secret
If you are a woman and anything like me, you may have watched the romantic, heart-melting chick flick "Dirty Dancing" at least one hundred times and enjoyed every single scene at least as much as your favourite comfort food. Amazing music, stunning actors, a sweet love story and a happy end - what could be more satisfying? Continue reading
Hey Ann Furedi, the Safety of Women is NO Laughing Matter
Recently, Bpas have joined the campaign to rescind Ireland's 8th Amendment; a law which protects both mothers and their unborn children from the risks associated with abortion - the death of the child and to the mother's physical and mental health. Bpas claim to be compassionate and concerned for women's health. They are championing 'Women's Rights' to bodily autonomy. Continue reading
 Abortions: One woman explains why she had four and is now childless
The Mirror has reported about someone who explains why she’s had four abortions – and talks of her devastation at now being left childless. "Experts have identified a ­worrying pattern of “abortion addiction” in some women. Author Irene Vilar, 40, caused outrage ­recently by publishing a book about how she had 15 abortions in 17 years. Continue reading
A Response to BPAS campaign
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (bpas) state:   "The fight for equality has been long; it has seen setbacks and victories, joy and sacrifice. But those victories and moments of joy have been long lasting, the setbacks and sacrifice overcome, which is why every woman watching this video is standing on the shoulders of giants.” This is a disingenuous attempt by bpas to paint the early feminists as those who would have stood with them in fighting for the right of women to end the lives of their unborn children. Continue reading
A Look at the Dark Side of Some Modern Day Feminists: Sisters Uncut
Sisters Uncut attack Pro-Life group, injuring one of the Pro-Life group's female volunteers, breaking and spitting on images of aborted babies. Continue reading
Miracle Baby Saved as a Result of Exposing the Reality of Abortion
Above: Photo of the baby who was saved from Marie Stopes. In March, we met a young lady who was coming back to Marie Stopes abortion clinic, Brixton, having already taken the first abortion pill.  Continue reading