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David Brennan

Head of Brephos: helping churches to respond to abortion


  • The Guardian show abortion reality - or do they?

    Did you see this article from The Guardian?

    It claims to show what pregnancy and "abortion" really look like.

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  • What do you see at the Cross? What is the answer to the culture of child sacrifice?

    PREVIEW: What is the answer to the culture of child sacrifice?

    Child sacrifice is perhaps the very pinnacle of human godlessness: sin at its starkest, its most extreme.

    In the Ancient Near East it was to the false god Molech; in the UK today it is to the false gods of autonomy, fear of others, financial security, genetic perfection…

    In “abortion” the worst of our culture is laid bare: literally sacrificing others (the smallest and weakest) for the sake of self.

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  • Why are we taking our abortion-vaccine display outside KICC this Sunday?

    Original article on Brephos.org website

    we have taken the decision to bring a large public education display to educate attendees of your church and anyone else in the vicinity (particularly those seeking vaccination at the pop-up at your church) on…the connection between abortion and the vaccines they are considering receiving. We will be doing this on Sunday 27 June…

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  • Organ harvesting today

    Updated 7 June 2021 - contribution by Christian Hacking


    Johanna’s story is not an isolated case.

    SWEDEN, 1962

    Karin* was just three months old** when her mother chose to take her to a clinic in 1962 to have her put to death by medical professionals. Both Karin and her mother were healthy. Karin’s mother knew they were going to kill her baby, but she had no inkling as to what they would do next. Instead of incinerating, burying, or throwing her little body away, they wrapped it in sterile green cloth and sent it to the Karolinska Institute in northwest Stockholm to be dissected and harvested for medical research.

    Neither Karin nor her mother gave consent for her organs to be harvested in this way.

    Karin didn’t consent to be killed either.

    Her lung was sent to the USA and used to create the cell line WI-38.

    She was the 32nd baby they used.

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  • Do COVID-19 vaccines contain aborted fetal cell lines?

    A recent Tweet from the Secretary of State for Health, Matthew Hancock, declared that “hope” would soon be injected into millions of arms all over the UK. He was talking, of course, about COVID-19 vaccines.

    But what actually is it that they propose to inject into your arm?

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  • Non-Prophet Organisation - Questioning Covid (Part 2)

    Original article can be found on the Brephos website

    You adulterous people, don't you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. James 4:4

    Everyone wants to be the nation’s friend. No-one wants to be the nation’s prophet.

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  • Stella's Reaction Says It All: The Pictures Work

    Original article can be found on the Brephos website

    "What are we doing that bothers you?"

    This question is put to prisoners of war to find out which activities are actually being effective.

    For those whose concern is winning the war, the question is not, "What are we doing that folks back home will understand and appreciate?" The question is not, "What are we doing that those funding us are into?" The question is not, "What are we doing that doesn't provoke too much of a backlash, so that we can live peaceably enough alongside those on the other side - since we can never win anyway?"

    The question is: "What are we doing that bothers you?"

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  • Stella Creasy is Right: The Unborn ARE "Children"

    Last month Stella Creasy went public on her pregnancy and the decision she now has to make “between being an MP and a mum”: Parliament still doesn’t have a proper system for maternity leave.

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