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Did you know...

Did you know how developed a child is at 8 weeks from fertilisation? 

Many women and men don’t know just how human, unique and valuable their child in the womb really is.

A hidden tragedy?

Now you have seen her humanity, it is time to face the fact that in the UK, one in five babies like her are in grave danger.

As a nation, every year we intentionally kill 200,000 children in their mother’s wombs in a procedure known as “abortion”.

Have a look at this video showing video clips of “abortion” procedures and decide…is this healthcare?

(Click here if the video is not playing.)

Too late for me?

Tragically many women and men didn’t know this horrific reality. They didn’t comprehend how their child would be killed with a procedure offered by “healthcare” professionals, as a solution to their “problem”.

If this was you, we are sorry that society hid these truths from you. We are sorry that those in positions of authority didn’t tell you these facts.

The good news is, there is healing and restoration available. Please do check out our Post Abortion Support for Everyone (PASE) website where you can find support after abortion or sign up to attend a Recovery Course. Or you can email [email protected].

Let others know...

The abortion industry has controlled the narrative on abortion for too long - influencing the mainstream media, the education system and government.

Using words like “product of conception” and “treatment”, they hide the humanity of the child in the womb and cover up the horrific reality of “abortion”.

These babies and their mothers need you to help protect them by sharing the facts with people where you are.

Join the hundreds of other advocates who are educating on this issue -  like the person who delivered you the postcard that brought you to this webpage. 

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