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#StopStella Campaign

The #StopStella Campaign is calling upon Stella Creasy, MP for Walthamstow, to stop promoting human rights abuses of children in the womb.

We expose what this MP is doing and share how you can act to #StopStella

What is Stella Creasy MP doing?

Stella Creasy has been working hard to make abortion a “human right”.

She wants to overturn sections 58 & 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act, which would:

  1. Remove all legal protection from the unborn child up to 28 weeks
  2. Allow abortions up to 28 weeks for any reason without any medical supervision

She has nearly achieved this in Northern Ireland and is planning to use the Domestic Abuse Bill (currently going through parliament) to do the same in the rest of the UK.

The kinds of abortions available without legal restrictions would be: 

  • Sex-selective abortion
  • DIY home abortions 
  • Abortions through coercion
  • Mail-order abortions
  • Abortion pills given out in schools by school nurses
  • Abortions carried out by healthcare assistants, nurses and pharmacists with no trained doctor present in the case of a complication

Other dangers include:

  • No legal requirement for 2 doctors to sign for abortion
  • Conscience clause - doctors and nurses could be forced to perform abortions or risk losing their job1
  • More difficult to secure convictions against third parties who have forced a woman to have an abortion2

Stella Creasy’s voting record also shows that:

  • She voted against reforms to bring in independent abortion counselling in Sept 20113
  • She voted against an explicit ban on sex selection abortions in Feb  20154
  • She voted to decriminalise abortion up to birth across the UK in Dec 20185
  • She was the architect of legislation seeking to introduce abortion into Northern Ireland up to 28 weeks in Oct 20196

1Diana Johnson’s abortion Bill states: “Subsections (1) and (2) of section 4 of the 1967 Act (conscientious objection to participation in treatment) are repealed” (Cf section 3) | 2Diana Johnson’s legislation would repeal sections 58 & 59 and then introduce new legislation for coercion. The way the law is framed is in regard to person A and B and leaves no scope for person C. (Cf section 2) | 3See source | 4See source| 5See source | 6See source and CEDAW recommendations

What is the Offences Against the Person Act for?

Offences Against the Person Act 1861:

  1. Was designed to prevent offences against people. The person referred to in Sections 58 and 59 is the unborn child. This act is designed to protect lives
  2. By repealing these sections, Stella Creasy is repeating what has been done throughout history - removing, by law, the right to personhood from specific people groups, based on race, religion, gender, and now - age

There is no demand for ‘removing all protections for the unborn child’: 

  • Only 1% of the public support this extreme position7
  • 70% of the British public want to see more protections in law for the unborn, not less7

7Summary of poll

Pregnant Stella’s hypocrisy

Stella Creasy deliberately conceals in all her public statements and dialogue on abortion - the humanity of the unborn child and what an abortion procedure actually entails.

Yet when she is speaking about her own baby in her womb, and her previous miscarriages, she speaks openly on their humanity…

On her unborn child:

On her miscarriage:

“I tried not to think about the fact my baby had died inside me”

“I can’t even protect my own child”

On her pregnancy:

In a Parliamentary debate on abortion in Northern Ireland:

 “Sorry, baby brain has taken me”

Also see article: Stella Creasy is Right: The Unborn ARE “Children”

What can you do to #StopStella?

  1. CONTACT Stella Creasy and demand that she...

    “Stop promoting human rights abuses of children in the womb”

    [email protected]

    Tweet: @Stellacreasy using #StopStella

  2. SHARE with others what Stella Creasy is doing


What are we doing in Walthamstow?

We are saturating Walthamstow, MP Stella Creasy’s constituency, with the humanity of the unborn child and the reality of abortion. Whilst highlighting to constituents how their MP is working hard to promote abortion as a "human right".

We are reaching the public through different channels including:

Public Education Displays

We are holding multiple public education displays, where we take educational banners into the city centre, have conversations with the public and distribute leaflets.

Street Advertising

We are highlighting the humanity of the unborn child on billboards and advertising kiosks around Walthamstow.

Videos and Photos shared on Social Media

Watch out for the latest video and photo updates on the campaign, by following us on social media. Hear what the people of Walthamstow have to say about abortion and Stella Creasy’s support of it.

How can you support the #StopStella campaign?

  1. Join a public education display in Walthamstow
  2. Donate towards the campaign


  3. Share our posts on this campaign: Follow us on social media



Update From the Campaign

  • The #StopStella campaign made National and International headlines
  • Our billboard poster was taken down within 24 hours of going up upon MP Stella Creasy's orders
  • We engaged the people of Walthamstow with five Public Education Displays and on other occasions with leaflets and conversations