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#StopStella Campaign - CBR UK in the Media

CBR UK's #StopStella campaign has received a flood of media interest. Most articles reflect the mainstream media's bias towards supporting abortion and repeat the false allegations which Stella Creasy keeps repeating in the media. But they make for an interesting read nonetheless.

28th September 2019

Independent - Labour MP Stella Creasy ‘harassed and intimidated’ by anti-abortion activists

The Guardian/Observer - Police called after Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion group

29th September 2019

iNews.co.uk - Anti-abortion group targets pregnant MP Stella Creasy with 'sickening' poster

Metro - Pregnant MP targeted by anti-abortion campaigners with ‘sickening’ dead baby poster

30th September 2019

Sky News - Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion group in Walthamstow constituency

BBC News - Anti-abortion posters targeting Stella Creasy to be pulled

ITV News - Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion campaigners

The Guardian - Ad agency apologises to Stella Creasy over foetus billboard campaign

RT - Labour MP targeted by American anti-abortion group with graphic ‘Stop Stella’ billboard

Daily Mail Online - Anti-abortion campaigners erect a giant 'Stop Stella' billboard featuring a nine-week old 'living foetus' in pregnant Labour MP Stella Creasy's constituency

The Drum - Clear Channel removes anti-abortion ads following pressure from MPs

The Sun - SHOCK TACTICS Anti-abortion campaigners erect billboard with graphic photo of ‘nine-week-old’ foetus in bid to force out Labour MP Stella Creasy

iNews.co.uk - Anti-abortion billboard advert in Walthamstow removed after Stella Creasy said it 'harassed women'

Belfast Telegraph - Labour MP Stella Creasy targeted by anti-abortion group after billboards featuring 'nine-week old' foetus' erected

Campaign Live - Clear Channel to remove anti-abortion posters targeting MP Stella Creasy

Sky Statement - Stella Creasy MP calls on Home Secretary Priti Patel to stop ‘harassment of women’ in Walthamstow

1st October 2019

The Times - Anti-abortion posters put up at home of pregnant MP Stella Creasy

Spiked - Anti-abortion posters are not ‘harassment’

Christian Today - Pro-life group denies harassment of Stella Creasy after graphic billboard is pulled

LifeSite News - Pregnant UK politician behind Northern Ireland abortion push furious over billboard of 9-week fetus

2nd October 2019

The New European - The 'Stop Stella' billboard shows how urgently we need reform in political advertising

BBC News - Abortion: Protesters' campaign 'harassing' Labour MP

Buzzfeed.news - The Protesters Who Targeted A Pregnant MP With Anti-Abortion Billboards Have Been Referred To The Taxman

Huffington Post - John Bercow Blasts 'Vile' Anti-Abortion Billboards Aimed At Pregnant MP Stella Creasy

Politicshome.com - John Bercow leads MPs in blasting ‘vile’ campaign against Stella Creasy over abortion stance

3rd October 2019

The Guardian - Council orders removal of anti-abortion poster targeting Stella Creasy

6th October 2019

Independent - Anti-abortion groups are ramping up their vile harassment tactics – and the government is letting them

The Guardian/Observer - Police investigate ‘extremist’ targeting of Stella Creasy by anti-abortion group

8th October 2019

Grazia - Stella Creasy: I'm Labelled A 'Hypocrite' For Being Pregnant

Catholic Herald - UK company apologizes for pro-life billboard aimed at local MP

11th October 2019

Unherd - Why is Stella Creasy shutting down debate?

We will add to our media archive as new articles are published, so check back soon.