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Important Statement from CBR UK

MP Stella Creasy, in an attempt to divert attention from what she is legislating, is attempting to mischaracterise our volunteers and our work.

She accuses CBR UK of targeting and harassing her with the language and images we use.

She has also falsely claimed that we are somehow connected to individuals who have committed acts of violence. This is a dishonest and a disingenuous claim, as she knows perfectly well that we take a very clear anti-violence policy.


Again, she is trying to make us look bad in an effort so she can claim to be a victim.

Once again, for the record, the #StopStella campaign is in NO way intended to incite anyone to do anything unlawful or violent against anybody. Not directly or indirectly. #StopBoris and #StopDorries are just a couple of examples of other uses of the Stop hashtag. We didn’t hear complaints that those were calls to violence.

CBR UK are calling people to rise up and speak out for the unborn child, those who do not have a voice in this aggressive campaign to decriminalise abortion and make it legal for any or no reason up to 28 weeks. CBR UK website clearly states:

“CBR UK's purpose is never to condemn anyone for past abortions but to protect children and mothers from future abortions.
CBR UK condemns all violence against those who perform, procure or promote abortion and refuses to work or be associated with any group or individual who refuses to condemn such violence.”

CBR UK emphatically stands by its Value Statement at all times.

So how do we want to #StopStella? Here are a few ways which we DO recommend:

  • Contact Stella Creasy and ask her to defend the unborn child
  • If you are someone of faith, pray for her wellbeing and pray that she would realise the real implications of what she is doing

Finally, we repeat our offer to publicly debate Stella Creasy. We believe she is reluctant to defend her position in public and trying to criminalise expressive rights because the truth is damaging to her agenda.

Thank you.