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Ruth Rawlins Debates Kelley Temple on BBC Three Counties Radio

Abortion Supporters do Not Want to Talk About the Reality of Abortion

The BBC phoned Ruth to comment on the World Health Organisation statistics claiming that one-quarter, that’s 1 in 4, 25%, an estimated 56 million pregnancies “end in abortion” worldwide every year.

Ruth asked, essentially, “Why is this a problem if abortion doesn’t kill a human being?”

Kelley Temple, the secretary for Abortion Rights and Girlguiding advocacy manager, wanted to frame the discussion around abortion being a woman’s right and "forced pregnancy" to be wrong.

Again, we can see the abortion lobby's position is utterly indefensible - and that gets exposed every time they have to defend it.

Click on the image above or here to listen to Kelley Temple of Abortion Rights debating CBR UK London team leader, Ruth Rawlins on BBC Three Counties Radio (links go to the Christian Concern soundcloud page).