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John McDonnell Denies Science - Thinks Life Begins When a Woman Says So

Campaigner, Ruth Rawlins, challenged Labour MP, John McDonnell, outside Parliament to think about the life of the child in the womb after he repeatedly refused to look at her leaflet and declared that he was a supporter of the right of women to have a child or to abort it.

The conversation went a little like this:

Ruth: "I'd like to ask what your views are on abortion?"

Mr McDonnell: "Right, right, um..... I'm .... a woman's right to choose"

Ruth: "Urm, ok.... have you seen these images before?"

Mr McDonnell: "Yes, yes I have I'm afraid

Ruth: "What do you think about the babies' right?

Mr McDonnell: "I'm not convinced.... I believe in a woman's right to choose I'm afraid"

Ruth: "When does human rights... human life begin?"

Mr McDonnell: "I believe it's the woman's choice"

Ruth: "OK, but when does human life begin?"

Mr McDonnell: "When the woman chooses....the woman has the choice...."


Ruth: "But scientifically, life begins at conception"

Mr McDonnell: ".....I don't accept that...."

Watch the video for the entire conversation.