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Coronavirus (Updated)

Isn't it irresponsible to hold public displays at this time?

While the killing of unborn children in our nation continues, so must our essential educational work. We are temporarily modifying our displays to adhere to the latest government guidelines, while increasingly reaching people where they are often at; on their computer or mobile device.

7th October 2020 - Update

We continue to closely monitor the developments in our nation and are doing our best to adhere to the most recent government guidelines whilst continuing our life-saving work. 


Our national teams seek to follow these guidelines until further notice:

  • High and moderate risk persons: If you are classed as a high risk person (according to the NHS website), refrain from taking part in displays. As a moderate risk person, we ask that you use your judgement and discretion as to whether you wish to take part in displays and that you adhere to government guidance.
  • Symptoms: If any team member (or any member of their family or household) has a cough, high temperature, or any cold or flu symptoms, they can not participate in a display for 14 days. The same applies if a team member has generally interacted with a person or persons displaying the above symptoms.
  • Team size: No more than 30 people to attend a display. This is because our work falls under the following categories and therefore the rule of 6 in outdoor spaces does not apply.

    There are exceptions where groups can be larger than 6 people. These include:
    • for work, or the provision of voluntary or charitable services
    • registered childcare, education or training
    • providing emergency assistance, and to avoid injury or illness or to escape risk of harm
  • Wearing of PPE: Recommended but not mandatory.
  • Educational leaflets: Refrain from giving out any leaflets by hand during displays, this adheres to social distancing guidelines of 1+ metres.
  • Volunteers to carry personal supply of antibacterial wipes or gel: Use to disinfect hands and wipe down display equipment.
  • Exposure focus: Aim for exposure instead of conversations. Team members may engage in conversation with the public as long as the required 1+ metre distance is strictly adhered to.
  • Sign-ups: People will not be asked to leave their contact details on physical sign-up sheets but to sign up via our website instead, accessible via their personal electronic devices.
  • Risk Assessment: From now on, team leaders will use our online Display Risk Assessment only.
  • Debriefing: Our teams will either:
    - debrief outdoors after packing down the display, while practicing social distancing by standing 1+ metres apart from each other, or
    - debrief in a local coffee shop whilst adhering to current government guidelines

We are aware there may be different restrictions in some towns or regions around our country and are asking our team leaders to monitor and adhere to all government guidelines specifically relating to their local areas.


All live presentations by CBR UK or Brephos will predominantly be held online. If held in person, our speakers will fully adhere to all government guidelines laid out for the venue or place they are presenting at.

People who wish to learn more about our work and strategy are invited to watch our "How to end Abortion" presentation.

There are many ways to get involved with our life-saving work and receive online training which includes assignments and personal mentoring. Please go to Train with us for more information and begin your training journey as a pro-life advocate today!

Your active help has never been more necessary!