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The Christmas you never knew

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. You have probably received our Christmas postcard through your door or from a friend:

Image of the Christmas postcard

Human development in the womb

Take a look at this amazing video footage of how human beings develop in the womb:

See their suffering

The mass-killing of babies in the womb continues in our nation - out of sight and out of mind. But this Christmas will you look upon their suffering and be their voice?

This video shows abortion procedure footage at various stages of development:

(Click here if the video is not playing.)

There is hope…

  • for the babies:

When people SEE the humanity of these babies and the reality of abortion - many change their minds on the issue. We can all help spread these truths and facts to save lives and help change public opinion - be part of this movement by signing up below.

You can watch this video for more info on our strategy to end abortion.

  • for the mothers:

For mothers (and others) bereaved by abortion, visit our Post Abortion Support for Everyone project here:

Post-Abortion Support for Everyone logo

For pregnant mothers who are unsure and need help, visit HOPE Pregnancy here:

HOPE Pregnancy logo

  • for us all:

To find out more about how Jesus coming into the world has brought the ultimate hope, visit the junction316 website here:

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Join the Movement

Growing numbers of people are joining the movement to abolish abortion.

Will you join the movement to expose the injustice where you live?

We will help to:

  • Connect you with other like-minded people near you - because individuals can achieve more together
  • Resource you with high quality materials, information and training
  • Inspire you to make a difference where you are

DisclaimerCBR UK always encourages peaceful and respectful dissemination of information and education. We cannot be held responsible for the manner or actions of those who distribute our resources who are not part of our official CBR UK Display Teams.

To Join the Movement, please fill out form and click button below. We will send you our Introduction to CBR UK to read and How to End Abortion video to watch, which together should take 45-minutes. Once you have done this, we will be in touch.