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Do you want to see babies protected?

You are probably here because you received our postcard:

Do you want to see babies protected postcard

Why do babies in the UK need protection?

Because last year 250,000 babies were intentionally killed under the guise of “healthcare”. 

Here is a video that shows the reality of surgical abortions:

In cases of challenging pregnancy situations, women are being presented with the option to kill their babies as the default solution, instead of being offered help and hope.

What are CBR UK doing?

There is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding abortion - a result of decades of successful propaganda by the pro-abortion lobby. We are here to tell the truth and educate society on the humanity and value of unborn babies and the reality of abortion. Because the first step in ending an injustice is exposing it. 

Once an injustice is seen for what it truly is in society, people will no longer tolerate it and will demand for change.

We are not here to condemn those who've had abortions; on the contrary we believe that there is full forgiveness and healing for all who turn to Jesus.

What can you do?

All around the UK, people are joining the movement to make abortion unthinkable by exposing it.

Educating society in various ways including:

  • delivering postcards through doors (like the one you received)
  • joining a local Public Education Display
  • supporting us financially to get this life-saving message out there

Will you join the movement too?

We can help you with the resources, connections and training to challenge public opinion where you are.

To Join the Movement, please fill out form and click button below: