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Are you ready to speak about abortion with friends, family and colleagues? Or do you worry about what to say and how to say it?  If you want to have conversations that have lasting impact then our training is for you.

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Watch one, or all of the videos from our Equipped to Educate series and learn how to become an excellent defender of the unborn child.

How much does it cost? You decide!

We want to continue producing quality training material to equip people to speak out for the unborn child. To enable us to do this, please consider donating generously towards the cost of these videos and help us reach even more people.

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Equipped to Educate Series

Pro-life Apologetics - Defending the Unborn

Learn how to make a simple scientific and philosophical case for the humanity and personhood of the unborn child.

Answering the Abortion Advocate

Learn how to respond to the tricky questions used by those who have been taught to advocate for abortion.

There is a Way - Life and Recovery

Learn how to start a conversation and offer hope and support to those who have had an abortion, or those who are considering abortion.

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We would really appreciate your feedback after watching these video. This will help us with future training videos.  You can leave your comments and feedback here.

Activism Weekend

During the course, you will receive high-quality activism training and practical experience, through a mixture of seminars and two Public Education Displays. Along with a small group of passionate pro-lifers from across the UK you will be inspired and equipped to make a powerful stand against abortion in your area.

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