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Panorama: Crisis Pregnancy Centres Uncovered - HOPE responds

There have been attacks in the mainstream media recently, towards Pregnancy Centres that offer help to women in unplanned pregnancies.

Accusations include: misinformation and persuading women not to have abortions.

Whilst we can’t speak for other centres, Rebekah Collins, founder of our ‘HOPE Pregnancy’ project responds to some of these claims - and shares on the support and advice HOPE are giving to women in unplanned pregnancies.

Watch video or read Rebekah's response below.

HOPE Pregnancy's statement

What do we do at HOPE Pregnancy?

We come alongside women in challenging pregnancy situations to provide a safe space to talk and find help.

Many women after abortion have told us, “No one offered me any hope”. They ask “why did no one warn me?!” We want to be that source of information and hope for others.

What information do we give?

We offer scientific images and facts about the development of the baby in the womb. We also provide information on abortion procedures – what it will do to her baby and the potential risks to her health. All of this information is available on our website for anyone to see. You can visit HopePregnancy.org.uk

We can also signpost the mother to additional support services.

Do we persuade women not to have abortions?

Firstly – we must ask – what is ‘abortion’? Every abortion kills a baby in the womb - either by drugs – used to starve them to death or instruments – that cut and crush.

HOPE has no part in using pressure, manipulation or coercion. On the contrary, many women bereaved by abortion tell us they were pressured or coerced into aborting their babies and that just one voice of hope would have made all the difference.

We encourage the mother to choose life, not death, for her baby, through the information we give her - but we can’t make a decision for her. What could be wrong with compassionately offering the truth? And, why would we want to send a woman to a place that will harm her by killing her child?

We believe that however difficult her challenges, killing her baby is not the help she needs.

Do we impose our Christian faith on women that come to us?

No. She will see on our website that we are open about our hope in Jesus. We are gentle; we don’t force anything and our offer of help is for anyone, whatever their beliefs. A woman is free to get help from whoever she chooses. If she comes to us, she is free to leave at any point.

If we believe that the love of the God who created her and her baby, is real hope for the journey, why wouldn’t we offer that?

We believe that kindness and truth is the most compassionate way to support a woman in a challenging pregnancy, to help her think through her situation for herself. Whatever her challenges, we want to offer her hope.

Visit HOPE Pregnancy's website for further details: