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Pro-Life Educator Course - Online [Waiting List]

Learn how to educate about the humanity of unborn children and the reality of abortion, and offer hope to those affected.

What can I do to protect babies from abortion?

One in three women have at least one abortion in their lifetime and over 620 babies' lives are taken every day in GB. In total, 228,627 unborn babies were killed in abortions in Great Britain during 2021 - that's more than 4 times the number of people who live in Durham being torn apart, poisoned or crushed every year.

This is a genocide of unparalleled proportions that we must stand against - but how?

Join one of our our online courses to learn how to educate about abortion and advocate on behalf of the unborn child. Across the three sessions, we cover:

  1. How to have effective pro-life conversations
  2. Historically informed social reform strategy
  3. Engaging compassionately with those who have had abortions

Course Requirements

  • Watch our How to End Abortion video, which explains our powerful strategy for causing vital change in public opinion on abortion. (See video within dropdown below.)
  • Fully anti-abortion in every case.
  • You are near one of our public education teams. (See map of our teams within dropdown below.)

Watch How to End Abortion

Aisling Goodison explains the current situation of abortion in the UK, she explains how social reformers like William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King ended the injustices of their time and teaches how to apply those principles to ending abortion today. 

Where are our teams?

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