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LIFE in Durham

Life is precious

The development of a human being in her mother’s womb is amazing. 

At 8 weeks she has fully formed fingers and toes. Her hands and feet are moving often and her little heart has already beaten over 6 million times!

Durham lives need protecting

Today, babies in the womb are being targeted and urgently need your help, as do their mothers.

1 in 5 babies, of mothers who reside in County Durham, are killed before their birthday. That was 1,298 precious lives, in 2021.

In the same year in Great Britain, over 228,000 lives were intentionally ended in their mother’s wombs.

The video below shows what is happening to many of these children through "surgical abortion procedures" in "clinics" - such as in Bishop Auckland General Hospital. Other lives are destroyed in homes "medically" by poisonous pills sent through the post - over 90% of the Durham child victims were killed in this way.

(Click here if the video is not playing.)

Surely women deserve better solutions to challenging situations than death for their child.

Durham bereaved mothers need support

We know that many women (and men) didn’t comprehend the tragic reality that their child would be killed with a procedure offered by “healthcare” professionals, as a solution to their challenging situations. Many such individuals have suffered as a result, you can hear some of their stories in the video below.

If this was you, we are sorry that society hid these truths from you. We are sorry that those in positions of authority didn’t tell you these facts.

The good news is, there is healing and restoration available. Please check out our Post Abortion Support for Everyone (PASE) website where you can find support after abortion or sign up to attend a Recovery Course. You can also email [email protected].

How can you stand for life in Durham?

The people of Durham desperately need to know the truth you have seen here today. It is literally a matter of life and death.

Our on-going campaign is to reach Durham with the facts about the humanity of unborn children and the reality of "abortion". Both through postcards, which you may have received, and with our Public Education Display - showing the banner, below, in Durham City Centre.

We, the people of Durham, cannot sit on the fence about this injustice any longer.

We are looking to grow and strengthen our Durham Public Education Team. We regularly hold Public Education Displays, presentations and training workshops to change public opinion on “abortion”.

With your help we can see Durham change from a culture of death to a culture of life!

Please leave your details below to join the movement in Durham.

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