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PETITION: Reverse dangerous measures permitting DIY home abortions

What has Matt Hancock done?

On 30th March 2020, just one week after the Coronavirus bill passed, Matt Hancock approved the largest change to abortion measures since 1967, permitting women to take both abortion pills at home. The decision was never debated, discussed or voted on in parliament, and has claimed the lives of thousands of babies and wreaked havoc on women’s health.

What do we want Matt Hancock to do?


For the attention of the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock

Dear Matt Hancock,

We are asking you to overturn the temporary approval of “pills by post” abortions at home. Far from “saving lives” and “protecting the NHS”, these new measures have claimed the lives of an estimated 46,000 babies and have wreaked havoc on women's health. This includes:

In the heat of a crisis the Government have been exploited by the abortion industry allowing them to turn people’s homes into abortion facilities, without any medical supervision, after calls with abortion providers as short as 29 mins

We want you to listen to the evidence and have “the home” outlawed, as an appropriate place to kill one's child.

We also want:

  • Higher scrutiny placed on abortion businesses to ensure proper protection for pregnant women in a crisis
  • Re-establish medically supervised ultrasound scans to ensure correct gestational age

For the safety and health of the nation please act now.


[Your name]

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