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Brephos Church Leaders Event - "DIY Abortions - What's Been Happening?"

This is the silent scandal of the last 7 months: more than 100,000 human babies killed and disposed of in the UK, flushed down toilets and out into the sewers – and hardly a word has been spoken.

This is the reality of “pills by post” - at-home abortions provided for under the coronavirus emergency measures. 

Join us for an urgent briefing with Andrea Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, who have been pursuing a judicial review of the Government’s decision to allow these DIY abortions.

Be challenged and refreshed from the word of God as Dave Borlase, director of Intercessors for Britain, speaks to us on why and how we need to repent biblically - and unite with us in prayer as he leads us in interceding for our Church and nation.

Hear about what your church can begin to do practically with Dave Brennan, director of CBRUK’s Brephos project, and Aisling Goodison, head of training and development for CBRUK.

Sign up now for this free event and you will have the opportunity to participate in the Q&A discussion with these and other speakers.

  • Tuesday 10 November, 2020 at 2:30pm – 5pm
  • Dave Brennan

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