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Coronavirus (old)

Following the latest guidance from the Government, World Health Organisation and NHS on dealing with the outbreak of the Coronavirus / Covid-19, we have asked all our staff, team leaders and volunteers to follow these instructions regarding presentations and displays until further notice. These may be subject to change as we are constantly tracking with the latest guidance and regulations.

Ensuring the safety of our staff and teams, as well as the public, is of the utmost importance to us as we continue to raise awareness on the issue of abortion.

Isn't it irresponsible to continue displays at this time?

While the killing of unborn children in our nation continues, so must our essential educational work.

That means, for now, modifying our displays to minimise risk to ourselves and others, as well as developing means of reaching people where they’re at: in isolation at home on their computers.


Until further notice, we will continue to hold public education displays. Our teams seek to follow these guidelines with immediate effect:

  • High risk persons: If you are classed as a “high risk person” (70 years or older, having a long-term medical condition, a weak immune system or being pregnant), we ask that you do not take part in displays but adhere to government guidance. For more information please visit the NHS website.
  • Symptoms: If any team member (or a family member of a team member) has a cough, high temperature, or any cold or flu symptoms, they can not participate in a display.
  • No leaflets: Refrain from giving out any leaflets on displays.
  • Team size and display duration: Hold displays with at least 4 and no more than 6 team members. We recommend to shorten the duration of your display to 1 hour from the time you have set up.
  • Exposure focus: Aim for exposure instead of conversations. All team members are to be briefed not to engage in conversations but to keep a reasonable distance from members of the public. Ask members of the public to visit our website for more information about abortion.
  • Sign-ups: People will not be asked to leave their contact details on physical sign-up sheets but to sign up via our website instead. They can do so immediately on their mobile phone, selecting the "subscribe" button on our website. Do not use their mobile phone to do it for them and do not give them your mobile for them to sign up, in order to reduce contamination risk.
  • Risk Assessment: From now on, team leaders are to use our online Display Risk Assessment only, instead of the paper form.
  • Anti-bacterial hand-gel: Team leaders are asked to carry sanitising hand-gel with them and encourage team members to use it before setting up the display, and after setting down.
  • Debriefing: Debrief for a short time (approx 15 mins), outdoors after packing down the display, do not let team members stand too close to each other.


Until further notice, all live presentations by CBR UK or Brephos, scheduled to be held in public venues, will either be postponed or held online. We will aim to advertise any online presentations on our website and via our social media pages, to ensure everyone who wishes to attend is able to do so.

People who wish to learn more about our work and strategy are invited to watch our “How to end Abortion” presentation.

There are many ways to get involved with our life-saving work and receive online training which includes assignments and personal mentoring. Please go to “Train with us” for more information and begin your training journey as a pro-life advocate today!