Centre For Bio-Ethical Reform UK exists to educate the whole of society on the humanity of the unborn child and the injustice of abortion using images and other evidence; and to support those who have been hurt by it.

What We Do


Research is a vital field of CBR UK’s work; it feeds into every area of the organisation.  The end goal of our research is not to simply obtain more knowledge, but to inform, empower and direct our projects to achieve our objectives. It equips us with specific information connected with abortion as well as providing intelligence for strategy based on past examples of social reform as to how to end a social injustice.

Our research ensures that we learn from those who have gone before us to avoid costly mistakes which waste precious resources.


We have talented and experienced speakers who give presentations specifically catered to the relevant audiences – whether churches, educational establishments, or other private and public listeners.

We offer presentations on the history of Social Reform and past strategies used to end injustices and presentations for schools, colleges, youth groups and PSHE sessions. We also invite the opportunity to participate in debates in universities, debate societies and other settings.


We run an annual conference called The Clarkson Academy which equips, encourages and envisions its participants.  The aim is to move people from saying they are pro-life to becoming pro-life activists.

Pastoral Care

Post Abortion Support for Everyone (PASE) aims to come alongside men and women who have been affected by abortion and help lead them to a place of healing and to then encourage them to be active in going out and doing the same.