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Justice has been done for the mentally disabled lady whose mother had to fight the system to overturn the court order made by Justice Nathalie Lieven to kill her 22-week unborn baby. Continue reading
UK's Highest Ever Recorded Abortions in 2018
The statistics came out yesterday giving us an insight into how many unborn children were killed by abortion in the United Kingdom last year. The most obvious statistic in this report is the overall number of abortions performed, the highest ever recorded of 205,295. Continue reading
Theresa May - A Big Disappointment?
Clearly this has been a very painful time for Theresa May.  Not managing to do what she’d set her heart on.  We all experience this at some time in our lives, and we have ways of coping with the disappointment. Continue reading
Ireland Referendum Result - An Irretrievable Defeat?
A few days ago, the pro-life community and all those who acknowledge the humanity of unborn children were shaken to the core: Ireland voted "yes" to repeal the 8th amendment which gave equal protection to the lives of both mothers and their unborn children. It is almost impossible to conceive that such a life-affirming piece of legislation could be uprooted in a western society which claims to be democratic and in favour of freedom and the common good of all. Continue reading
Let’s be clear at the outset, abortion is not safe, due to the fact it intentionally kills an innocent human being in the only place they were meant to be during the first nine months of their lives, their mother’s womb. The 1967 Abortion Act removed the most basic human right, the right to life and protection before birth from all who were conceived in the past 50 years in the UK. Continue reading
Buffer Zones are in fact ANTI CHOICE!
An open letter from one of our supporters in response to the Home Affairs Committee debate on buffer zones. For the attention of all Honourable Members of Parliament, Continue reading
Bpas Nominated For Charity Of The Year - Not Just A Bad Dream?
Just pinched myself to be sure this is not just a very bad dream. Or ‘fake news’: Bpas have been nominated for Charity of the Year at this year’s ‘Charity Times Awards’ Continue reading
So, Just who exactly were the BMA speaking for today!?
Today, June 27th 2017 saw the BMA (British Medical Association) spend just an hour to complete their fait accompli, voting point by point to decriminalise abortion.  In effect, this means abortion on demand with no reasons required. Dr John Chisholm, chairman of the BMA medical ethics committee stated that the motion was not about time limits, saying that the BMA supports current time limits on abortion. Continue reading
Marching On For Life

Marching On For Life

Our CBR UK and Abort67 team recently attended the March for Life in Birmingham. Several hundred Pro-Lifers from all over the country and beyond came together to make a public stand for the right to life of every unborn human being, and despite occasional, heavy rain showers and a group of pro-abortion protesters who attempted to distract by chanting, shouting and throwing blood-red smoke bombs, the resolve of all attendees was undeterred. Continue reading