Donate Towards Mobilising Students to Abolish Abortion

Thank you for being willing to financially support our Students for Abolition project, led by James Porter. Our goal is to recruit, train and mobilise students to abolish the abortion genocide.

James Porter

How to end abortion?

CBR internationally has studied the history of social reform for over 30 years to discover the most effective strategies for ending systemic injustice.

History tells us that in order to stop a hidden injustice it must be visually exposed. We expose the injustice of abortion by doing public educational displays where we show large images of babies in the womb and babies who were killed by abortion in the womb. This strategy is powerful and convinces many to be pro-life and enables us to reach a wide range of people with a handful of volunteers.

Student Educational Display in Aberdeen, March 2020

Why mobilise students?

Young people are the leaders of the future and we have an opportunity to influence them at a key stage of life to take a stand against the injustice of abortion and to save lives of babies in the wombs. 

In 2019, the abortion rate in England and Wales was highest for women aged 22, which means that universities are hotspots of crisis pregnancies and abortions. Students are the most effective people at reaching other students so it is vital that we mobilise young pro-lifers to combat this crisis.

Educational Display in Brighton, October 2020

How can you help?

When finances are available, James Porter will work full-time to achieve this vision, expanding his current part-time role. To make this happen we need a total of £30,000 per year, which will go towards a salary, travel and accommodation expenses and other costs such as marketing and admin. Whether a one off donation or monthly gift (which is preferable for forward planning), please donate if you want to support this exciting new project.


How to Give?

Our preferred method is for you to give via standing order (or bank transfer), which you can set up through online banking with these details. Alternatively, you can give via card payment using the form on this page.

Method 1: Standing Order (Preferred)

Use the word "Students" in the reference so that we know to allocate your donation towards James Porter's salary and our Students for Abolition project.

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Please let us know by emailing [email protected] if you set up a donation this way so that we can confirm receipt and thank you for your wonderful support.

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