Seeking to work with the next generation to build a culture that values human life. Building & cultivating foundations in the case for life, giving all humanity the dignity and worth we all deserve.


Year 6-7 - You Are Amazing!

We are lead through the brilliant world of human development and variation by our very own 11-year-old presentation assistant, Luke. The bespoke presentation is carefully designed to engage young people in a basic biological and philosophical lesson on the value and worth of each human being.

This presentation looks into what human beings are from a scientific perspective. It investigates all the ways humans can vary in appearance, size, ability, independence and age. We then explore what makes us all amazing, what makes us all unique and valuable.

Briefly visiting our earliest development reminds us that we all started in the same way and that our differences make us special. This session is interactive and has its own work book asking helpful questions to further explore the presentation.

We hope that those who see the presentation will develop an understanding of the value of each human life. In a culture heavily focused on achievement, ability and appearance, this presentation lends itself well to building confidence and self-esteem. It also sensitively deals with the cause of bullying from the perspective of the victim and the bully. Co-written by a primary educator of over 43 years, You Are Amazing addresses some of the most important issues facing the personal development of each child, pointing out where our value really comes from and who gives us that value.

You Are Amazing is suitable for year group assemblies, PSHE, Religious Studies Science lessons and also is brilliantly written for youth groups.

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