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Year 10-11 - What Do You Think About Abortion?

The Year 10-11 age group have strong opinions forming on the issue of abortion and may have even had personal experience with it. Social media, mainstream media and personal relationships will have shaped their thoughts on abortion but not necessarily with accurate fact and clarity.  It is important that they can be presented with information about the subject and be allowed to explore their thoughts and feelings in the light of what they’ve learnt.

We aim to cover the subject from a secular, scientific perspective and build our case over 45 minutes to allow for half the session to be given to discussion and debate with a whole class.

We consider the science of human biology and question what personhood is. We look at medical professionals’ definitions of when life begins and what changes from the first moments of life up until birth.

The presentation looks at who abortion affects, what is does and what those who provide abortions say about it. It gives a full picture of what abortion is and gives the option to view film footage of an abortion taking place if a student wishes to watch it.  We feel this fully informs their debate time and will help to shape their opinions without the influence of propaganda, hearsay and slogans.

Where this presentation has been used in secondary schools for several years running they have seen a great improvement in the Religious Studies examination results, when the subject covered in coursework has been abortion in their Christian morals course. We feel certain this presentation benefits those who take part in it both personally and academically.

Realising there will be those in the presentation who have personally experienced abortion or who have close friends whom they’ve helped obtain one, we handle the subject with sensitivity and care. We are always prepared to help those who have experienced abortion and bring literature for post abortion care to distribute.

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