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Sunak’s Smoking Gun

Sunak’s Smoking Gun

The Conservative party conference took place this week in Manchester, and whatever you may think of the Tories, the opposition parties or the political mire we find ourselves in generally in Britain these days; there was one element of the Prime Minister’s speech that should light a fire under us all…and I’m not talking about scrapping HS2! Continue reading
Panorama: Crisis Pregnancy Centres Uncovered - HOPE responds
There have been attacks in the mainstream media recently, towards Pregnancy Centres that offer help to women in unplanned pregnancies. Accusations include: misinformation and persuading women not to have abortions. Whilst we can’t speak for other centres, Rebekah Collins, founder of our ‘HOPE Pregnancy’ project responds to some of these claims - and shares on the support and advice HOPE are giving to women in unplanned pregnancies. Watch video or read Rebekah's response below. Continue reading
Meet the Heroes - Alec
We would love to introduce you to Alec who is an Educator on our West Midlands Public Education Team. We call our team members Educators as they are educating on both the humanity of children in the womb and the reality of abortion. On displays, they use the images and engage the public in conversation to do this. They are out there being the literal voice for the unborn. Alec is extremely loyal to our work and has not missed a display in his city since it started in December 2021. Read on to find out more about Alec and what he has to say on his role as an Educator. Continue reading
The Guardian show abortion reality - or do they?
Did you see this article from The Guardian? It claims to show what pregnancy and "abortion" really look like. Continue reading
1 journalist, 2 Times articles on us, 10 years apart - what’s changed?
Times journalist, Rosie Kinchen, got in touch in August as she was writing a piece on the ‘anti-abortion’ movement in the UK in response to the US overturning of Roe v Wade. She was keen to discover the impact this US law would have over here. Continue reading
A response to Roe - The truth behind the ruling
Roe versus Wade has been overturned! But what does this mean for America’s women and their children? How do we sort out fact from fiction and myth from reality when it comes to this contentious subject? Abortion is one of the most polarising issues debated today but it is also one of the most misunderstood. Continue reading
Meet the Heroes
All around the UK we have teams of brave and dedicated individuals regularly going out in their cities to challenge public opinion on abortion. These heroes have been willing to step up and expose the tragedy of abortion, despite the cost. We want to acknowledge the important roles of those who make up our teams in this new series of interviews. To begin with, we would love to introduce you to our Liverpool Team Leader, Jane. You may have seen Jane in some of our recent videos courageously remaining calm in the face of obnoxious opposition from abortion supporters.  Read on to hear about the challenges and highlights of her work on the frontline. Continue reading
What do you see at the Cross?
PREVIEW: What is the answer to the culture of child sacrifice? Child sacrifice is perhaps the very pinnacle of human godlessness: sin at its starkest, its most extreme. In the Ancient Near East it was to the false god Molech; in the UK today it is to the false gods of autonomy, fear of others, financial security, genetic perfection… In “abortion” the worst of our culture is laid bare: literally sacrificing others (the smallest and weakest) for the sake of self. Continue reading
Has the Government Approved DIY Abortion in UK?
An opinion piece by Christian Hacking A number of tweets and articles have been published in recent days suggesting that the Department of Health and Social Care has approved the killing of unborn babies at home, permanently.  Last Wednesday the UK’s largest abortion provider tweeted that “the Government will not revoke permission for at home early medical abortion”. This was followed with an article in Refinery the same day stating: “Today, the Government made an announcement that abortion campaigners have long hoped it would make. It will allow at home early medical abortion (also known as telemedicine) to continue.” This was accompanied by a showreel of quotes from the usual suspects (Katherine O’Brian and Dame Diana Johnson) reasserting the claim. But is this true? Has the Government really decided to keep these dangerous measures? And if not what can explain the supposed boldness of the abortion industry in asserting it has? Continue reading