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Summer Internship 2022

We are looking for emerging student activists who are passionate about saving the lives of unborn children by ending abortion, to join our summer activism internship program.


During this internship, you will receive high-quality training through a mixture of seminars and assignments. You will also take a leading role in Public Education Displays and presentations in strategically located cities. Along with a small group of passionate pro-life students, you will have the opportunity to pioneer the pro-life movement in key locations across the UK, impacting those cities for years to come.

What is a Public Education Display?

Inspired by historic social reformers, like those in the civil rights and anti-slavery movements, we expose injustice visually by using factual images as well as science and statistics to educate about the abortion genocide. We show abortion victim photography on the streets using large banners to reach hundreds of passers-by in a couple of hours. Our images show the humanity of the unborn child and the effects of the abortion procedure on the child. We also distribute informational leaflets and engage the public in conversation.

The best way to understand our work is by watching our 35-minute "How to End Abortion" video.

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  • Voluntary, with expenses paid
  • Accommodation provided (location TBC)
  • Duration: 2 weeks (flexible start date)


  • You must be a student studying at university in England, Scotland or Wales. (Recent graduates are also welcome to apply).
  • You must be considering pro-life leadership roles in the future (either volunteer or paid)

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